Saturday, September 17, 2011

Desktop Adsense Cash Machine is now Desktop Adsense Site Builder

Introducing… Desktop Adsense Site Builder

Who Else Wants To Add One More Incredible Automated Tool To Their Adsense Niche Site Building Software Arsenal?

Are You Ready To Start Building Your Adsense Niche Site Empire With The Push Of a Button?

Desktop Adsense Site Builder

Have you tried creating a website once or maybe even more than once only to discover that it takes hours of your valuable time to get it online?

Did you follow the “systems” out there to a “T” and still not achieved any of the results that you were promised?

Would you like a way to create niche sites that doesn’t involve spending hours and hours before you actually make some money?

If so, this new software is so simple to operate that a child can run it!

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Desktop Adsense Site Builder

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Version2 of Desktop Adsense Cash Machine out now!

Raving reviews on the new version 2.0 of Desktop Adsense Cash Machine:

"Hello Anders,

Thanks for the new improved version of Adsense Cash Machine.

It's still quite early here, so I haven't checked it out thoroughly yet, but I ran DACM V2 once and it worked beautifully! There were no unwanted Google Ads in the Articles collected and I also like the fact that you have now included an option to import articles from one's own hard drive.

I tried HyperVRE which everyone seems to rave about, but I was not the least bit impressed. Your software works much more quickly and reliably. I am sure that there is a growing market for your product.

The only advantage I can see with HYperVRE at the moment is that their software also enables you to include RSS feeds, which you may want to consider for DACM at some time in the future. You also surely should consider a price rise.

In short, I think you have done a great job and I have been impressed, not only by your moral integrity in sorting out the problem with the earlier version and giving me a free copy, but also your technical expertise.

If you would like any assistance in distributing DACM V2, please let me know. I would be delighted, honoured and excited to help you in any way I can!

Well done, Anders!

Clive, Hampshire, GB"


Monday, July 10, 2006

Desktop Adsense Cash Machine - Site Building - Templates

How do I get my adsense code into all the generated web pages?

1: Log in to your Adsense account and select the desired ad type (layout, color and so on) . Copy the ad code.

2: Now go to your C:\Programs\AdsenseCashMachine\Template folder and open the default sample template (or your desired template).

3: Insert the ad code in the template. NOTE: There are two types of templates on DACM; article page templates and index page templates. Don't forget to insert the code into both.

Do I make my own template and will the program know where to put the articles in the html code if I make my own template?

The idea is to make you own templates in order to reduce duplicate content sites. Just be sure to insert the required tokens %[token name]%;

Article page template tokens are:
%PAGETITLE% - page title, usually goes between the title start and end tags
%ARTICLETITLE% - article title
%AUTHOR% - name of the author to the article
%ARTICLEBODY% - article body

Index page template tokens are:
%INDEXLINKS% - links to the index pages that were created; looks like this 1 2 3 ...
%INDEXCONTENT% - links to the article pages that are to be placed on the index pages, basically looks like a site map link page.

And lastly, is there a way for me to specify what web site for the program to look for articles? I feel like the program is limiting and will lead to too much duplicate content.

In this version there are two article sites that is scraped for content that you can select from.

There is a risk for the duplicate content issue to arise if you fail to create an unique template, for your pages.

I would insert additional text, basic SEO stuff really, such as the keywords and phrases you want to target.

Desktop Adsense Cash Machine - .NET Framework

I am wondering what a .net Framework is?

I have dialup and the file is over 21MB. -- Is this file mandatory for operation, or is it possible
to get by without it?

the .NET Framework is part of the latest versions of the Microsoft Windows.

Since I am not sure which operating system you have;
The best option here is for you to download the DACM part, install it and run.
If it doesn't work - download the .net Framework from this url:

I think the .NET Framework can be ordered on CD for a small fee from Microsoft;
not sure about it though.

Desktop Adsense Cash Machine

Welcome to my first post on the Desktop Adsense Cash Machine Blog.

I will try to post questions and answers that I got from various Desktop Adsense Cash Machine users.

I will add recommended Adsense resources - most of which I purchased and now use myself.

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